RaidCall EMS One DOTA2

The RaidCall EMS One is the ESL's premier gaming competition for the best Dota 2 teams from Europe and the Americas. In 2013, it features an overall prize fund of 156,000 US-Dollar, making it the largest independent Dota 2 competition to date.
In the course of four seasons, the best Western teams compete with ambitious challengers from the A-Series, trying to prove their worth and become one of the eight participants at the live event finals. This way, not only a limited amount of renowned teams is able to take part in the RaidCall EMS One, but everyone who has what it takes to put up a fight against the best of the best. This openness is an important pillar when it comes to being recognized as a legitimate championship.

League Structure

Point distribution in cups


#1: QUALIFIED    + $500
#2: 75 Points  
#3-4: 50 Points  
#5-8: 25 Points  
#9-12: 10 Points  


Prize money distribution


  • #1: $12,000
  • #2: $7,000
  • #3-4: $4,000
  • #5-8: $2,000

How to participate

Participation in the RaidCall EMS One is open to all teams. Our eight Core Teams are determined in the previous season, and sixteen more qualify through the European A-Series. To get the chance to play in one of the RaidCall EMS One cups, you need to be ranked well in the A-Series. Pick the match dates that suit your team best and choose to be more or less active depending on your other plans. Face your first opponents and earn points by defeating them to advance up to the Premier Division and face the best teams in the EMS One. Sign up now!

More information on the A-Series can be found in the FAQ section.

About DotaTV

Video streams aren't enough for you? You can also follow the tournament directly inside Dota 2: Watch the matches live with audio commentary, or go ahead and analyze the replays as thoroughly as you want to. Intrigued? Purchase a DotaTV ticket which is available in the Steam Store. You can also launch Dota 2, click on the 'View' tab inside the game and take it from there. Our DotaTV ticket includes our official courier, Nibbles the Wartoise. Thank you for your support!

What is RaidCall?

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Why choose RaidCall

  • No need to rent or set up servers
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  • Flexible group management system


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The game: Dota 2

In Dota 2, both teams have the objective to destroy their opponent's main building, the so-called Ancient. Each player controls one hero with a set of special abilities and a distinct playstyle. There are three lanes on which frequently reappearing computer-controlled units fight each other, and the players have to support these units in order to move forward and destroy enemy buildings. Things get particularly interesting when heroes face each other head-to-head.
Due to its unique concept, the custom modification Defense of the Ancients quickly managed to make an impact in the early days of WarCraft III. It defined an entirely new genre and made it grow into a booming environment. In late 2010, it was announced that Valve would develop a stand-alone version: Dota 2 was coming! Today, things are looking as bright as ever. The viewership continues to increase, the player base is growing and the skill ceiling expands continuously.
Nowadays, professional players need to posses an incredible amount of game knowledge to be able to predict their opponent's actions and make the right decisions. A good combination of heroes and a well-executed strategy are just as important as individual skill. The ability to control a lane, effective gold farming and smart usage of spells can all make the difference.