The EMS Finals are live!

Today and tomorrow, the best Dota 2 teams from all over the world will compete at the live event finals of the RaidCall EMS One, taking place in Tychy, Poland. Will the West prevail against the East one more time?

Update #3 - Sunday, 12:45 CET

Na`Vi had the upper hand over Sigma in the last match of Group B. The Ukrainian powerhouse therefore meets Fnatic in the first semi-final of the day, followed by a big battle between Alliance and Vici Gaming. Now it's all or nothing!

Update #2 - Saturday, 23:30 CET

With victories over aAa and Na`Vi, China's pride Vici Gaming is the first team to make it out of Group B. Due to DDoS-related difficulties, we are sadly forced to postpone the deciding match of the group to tomorrow. Will Na`Vi be able to take down Sigma again? Be sure to tune in at 11:00 CET!

Update #1 - Saturday, 18:30 CET

Group A has concluded with Fnatic coming out on top after defeating Alliance in the winners' match. The Swedes then had to face a surprisingly strong StarTale, who previously took out Team ONE, but managed to become the second team to advance to the semi-finals. Due to scheduling reasons, Group B will kick off with Vici Gaming vs. aAa, followed by Na`Vi vs. Sigma.

This is the first time that teams from China and South Korea participate in the EMS. Things are certainly going to get excited when Vici Gaming and StarTale are matched with Europe's best, including The International 2013 finalists Alliance and Natus Vincere. This year, the Chinese have not been able to make an impact on the international scene so far, but this might change soon. After all, $35,000 are at stake! We go live at 11:00 CET and all matches will be broadcasted live on ESL TV. You can also follow the games by buying a DotaTV ticket!


Saturday: Group A
11:00 CET: Alliance vs. Team ONE
~12:15 CET: Fnatic vs. StarTale
~13:30 CET: Winner #1 vs. Winner #2
~14:45 CET: Loser #1 vs. Loser #2

~16:00 CET: Loser #3 vs. Winner #4


Saturday: Group B
17:00 CET: Natus Vincere vs.
~18:15 CET: Vici Gaming vs. against All authority
~19:30 CET: Winner #1 vs. Winner #2
~20:45 CET: Loser #1 vs. Loser #2

~22:00 CET:  Loser #3 vs. Winner #4

Sunday: Playoffs
12:00 CET: Semi Final #1 (BO3)
~15:00 CET: Semi Final #2 (BO3)

~18:00 CET: Grand Final (BO5)


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